Help & Support

Ques. Can I register for free on Inkclick?

Ans: Yes all users can register on the platform for free.

Ques. What is the age limit for registration?

Ans: Any age group can register on this platform, though if you are younger than 18 years you have to acknowledge that you have your parents consent.

Ques. I forgot my Username and Password, How can I retrieve it?

Ans: You can tap on the forgot password tab, fill in your registered email address and reset it.

Ques. Can I register on the Platform on behalf of my child?

Ans: Yes register yourself as a parent and fill in your child’s details.

Ques. How do I access my profile page?

Ans: Tapping on your profile image circle will redirect you to your profile page.

Ques. What is the percentage bar below my profile image?

Ans: This indicates in percentage the completion of your profile.

Ques. What are social grids?

Ans: Based on your recent activity they give you a quick access to your mutual contacts and your followings.

Ques. What is difference between followings, followers and Mutual followers?

Ans: Followings are the users whom you are following, could be private or public profiles. Followers are the users who have followed you, But you may or may not be following them. Mutual followers are the users whom you follow and they follow you back.

Ques. Can anyone follow me?

Ans: Yes. Incase of public account anyone can follow you and incase of a private account a user can follow you only after your consent.

Ques. Can I remove/delete a follow request?

Ans: Yes, in this case a person will not be able follow you and he will not be informed that his/her request has been deleted.

Ques. What do I view under the Request tab?

Ans: Under this tab you will find users whom you have sent a follow request or users from whom you have received a follow request.

Ques. Can I remove followers that I don’t want and If I remove them, will they get to know?

Ans: Yes, you can remove any followers and he/she will not be informed.

Ques. How can I find anyone/anything on the Platform?

Ans: Click on the Search , type the name and/or any relevant detail of the user/group/advertisement you may be looking for.

Ques. What is the difference between Unfollow and Remove?

Ans: Unfollow is when you stop following someone. Remove is when you remove a user from being your follower.

Ques. I want to delete my Inkclick account, How can I do it?

Ans: From your account settings you can delete your account permanently. But in such a case you will loose all your content and media connections.

Ques. What if someone Tags me?

Ans: If someone tags you, you and/or your followers will be able to see that post /comment.

Ques. Will the person get to know that I have unfollowed him/her?

Ans: No, Inkclick will not inform that the you have unfollowed a user.

Ques. How can I Tag someone on the platform?

Ans: On typing @ within your post /comments you will be displayed the list of users whom you can tag.

Ques. How can I post on Inkclick?

Ans: Type in your thought, include some photos and videos, choose who can view it and Post it.

Ques. Is my post visible to everyone on inkclick?

Ans: You can choose who can see your post by making an easy selection from your followers, mutual followers, groups, specific users or Anyone on the platform.

Ques. Can I Edit and/or delete a post once I have already posted it?

Ans: Yes, you can Edit and/or delete by selecting 3 dots on the right side of your post.

Ques. How to spot an advertisement on Inkclick?

Ans: Any picture or video which says sponsored, is an advertisement. You can click on it to view the complete Advertisement.

Ques. How to spot an advertisement on Inkclick?

Ans: Any picture or video which says sponsored, is an advertisement. You can click on it to view the complete Advertisement.

Ques. What is a Scrapbook?

Ans: Scrapbook is a personal diary for a student, from where he/she can post thoughts/pictures/videos which will only be visible to other student profiles.

Ques. Is scrapbook available for parents & Mentors too?

Ans: No, scrapbook is a feature available only for students.

Ques. How can I post on Scrapbook?

Ans: You could select a picture/video, type a message and post it either by selecting myself or you can select the students who are your followers.

Ques. What are the 5W’s on Scrapbook and is it compulsory to fill them?

Ans: It is a fun feature to add #W’s, which give some key fun facts about your post. It is optional to fill all or any of the #W’s.

Ques. Can I change the wallpaper of my Scrapbook?

Ans: Yes, click on the Wallpaper icon and set it as per your liking.

Ques. Can I change my notification settings?

Ans: Yes, you can change the Push notification settings from either your device settings or from the notification settings on the platform.

Ques. What is the functionality of my class group?

Ans: Class Teacher will be able to create the group, invite students, their parents and other subject teachers to his/her class.

Ques. Can anyone create a live session on the group?

Ans: No, Only the group admin can create a live session.

Ques. What is the duration of a live Class?

Ans: A Live class can be created for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Ques. How can I create a group on Inkclick?

Ans: From the ‘Group’ icon tab under ‘My created groups’ a new group can be created.

Ques. What all information is required to make a group ?

Ans: Enter the group title, description and icon. Select group type as Public/Private and add members to the group.

Ques. Is it possible to join a live session after it has started?

Ans: Yes, as long as the session is ongoing.

Ques. How many minimum members are mandatory for a group?

Ans: Minimum of 2 members including the group admin are required to create a group.

Ques. Will I be notified for any activity related to groups?

Ans: You will be notified through in-app and/or push notifications for all activities such as group invites, posts, live sessions etc.

Ques. What functions are available in the group tab?

Ans: All your groups and its related activities such as Add new, group requests, joined and created groups are accessible from this tab.

Ques. If I reject a group request will the admin of the group be intimated?

Ans: The admin will not be intimated.

Ques. I am not the admin of the group can I still add members to the group?

Ans: Only a group admin can add members to the group.

Ques. What is the difference between Public and Private group?

Ans: Private groups are only visible to users when invited by the group admin. Public groups can be searched by any user.

Ques. Can I leave one of my joined groups?

Ans: You can leave anytime from the group detail page or from the 3 dots on side.

Ques. From where do I join the session/live class?

Ans: You can join session/live class from the group detail page.

Ques. Can I know how many students have joined the class/live session?

Ans: Whilst the live session is in progress, the names of all the users attending the session will be visible on the participants list.

Ques. Can I create multiple live sessions within a group?

Ans: You may create as many live sessions as you like but not more than one at a time.

Ques. What is the visibility of a group post?

Ans: The post will be visible on the groups page and on the feeds of the members of the group.

Ques. What is the functionality of group?

Ans: Any user can create a group & invite other users to the group.

Ques. How can I make my group Private?

Ans: While creating a group you will be given options in the drop down for Private/Public group and also you can edit your group and change group type.

Ques. I am a member of a group, how will I know when a live session will start?

Ans: You will be notified that a live session has been created in the group. Also You will get a notification 15 minutes prior and at the start time of the session.

Ques. If I leave the session in between or get dropped, can I still rejoin ?

Ans: Yes, you can always rejoin provided the session is still on.

Ques. Are live sessions pre-planned or can be created the same day?

Ans: Live sessions can be created upto 1 hour before the intended start time.

Ques. I am the admin of the group & I have deleted the group, can other members still view the group content?

Ans: Once the admin has deleted a group it ceases to exist.

Ques. As a group admin where and how can I view the group requests?

Ans: You will always be notified for the same. Also, you can view requests on the group detail page.

Ques. How many groups can I create? Is there a limit?

Ans: You can create as many groups as you like, there is no limit to it.

Ques. Can new members be added in an existing group?

Ans: Yes group admin can always add new members and update the group.

Ques. If I have just become a member of a group can I still view all the previous posts?

Ans: There is no possibility as we maintain the privacy of the group members.

Ques. How can I control my privacy on Inkclick?

Ans: You can go to the settings tab to view your account and privacy settings.

Ques. Can I choose who can view my Profile and Posts?

Ans: You can select the visibility of your profile from the privacy settings.

Ques. What is the difference between Public and Private account?

Ans: Public account- User can immediately start following you. Private account- User will start following you, once you accept his/her follow request.

Ques. Things to keep in mind for a private profile?

Ans: In a private profile only your name and mutual will be visible to someone who is not your follower or mutual.

Ques. Things to keep in mind for a public profile?

Ans: In a Public profile your name, About us , Social grids & Classroom will be visible to everyone.

Ques. I am new to Inkclick, How can I increase my followers?

Ans: You can always sync your contacts from social platforms like Facebook and Google or from your phonebook contacts.

Ques. On what basis are the suggestions shown?

Ans: The software makes suggestions based on your search history, recent activity and information shared on the platform.

Ques. Can I control who sees the post/comment in which I have been tagged?

Ans: From your Settings you can select the visibility of who can see your tags.

Ques. Can anyone see my followings and followers?

Ans: It depends on the profile visibility settings selected by you.

Ques. How can I block any user?

Ans: You can go to the blocking tab in settings, search the user and block/unblock them.

Ques. How Can I set my notifications?

Ans: You can turn On/Off the push notifications for all/any activity through the notifications tab.

Ques. Things to keep in mind for a private profile of a Mentor/Parent?

Ans: In a private profile your name, mutual, about us and classroom will be visible to someone who is not your follower or mutual.

Ques. What features are visible in a Private profile of a Student?

Ans: In a Private profile your name & mutual will be visible to everyone and your followers. But a mutual contact can view your About Us, social grid & Classroom.

Ques. How can I block/report any user?

Ans: You can go to that users profile block or report from the 3 dots on the profile, also you can search the user and block/unblock them from the blocking tab settings.

Ques. How can I report a Post?

Ans: You can report a post from the options given on the post, along with a valid reason.

Ques. What is a classroom?

Ans: This feature is available for the Parents & mentors, it gives you a feel of a virtual classroom. Knowledge can be imparted through pre-recorded courses or live sessions.

Ques. What kind of Courses are available on the Platform?

Ans: There are academic, preparatory and vocational courses available on Inkclick.

Ques. Is it mandatory to buy the full course?

Ans: You can buy just the modules you want to study.

Ques. What are the prices of the courses

Ans: The courses are priced from Rs. 159 onwards.

Ques. How can I pay for a course or a live session ?

Ans: You can pay through different payment gateways Eg. Net Banking/ credit card/debit card/paytm/Bhim UPI.

Ques. How can I get a GST refund ?

Ans: While purchasing a course/session you could fill in your GST details.

Ques. Is there any way to check my purchase history of courses/sessions?

Ans: Upon every successful or failed transaction you will be notified, you can also view your entire purchase history in the transactions tab from beside menu. Additionally inkclick will provide you an E-invoice of every successful transaction.

Ques. Is there any validity of the courses purchased?

Ans: Any course purchased can be viewed by the user at any point of time, till the active span of platform. These are non-transferable. The Courses can also be downloaded on the platform for offline viewing.

Ques. Can I get a refund of the course/module purchased?

Ans: A course refund can be requested and thereafter processed by the Admin, only if there is a valid reasoning behind it.

Ques. How much time does it take to get a refund?

Ans: Inkclick team will process your refund request within 2 working days, the payment will be credited into your chosen payment method which may take up to 14 days, based on the payment gateway turnaround time.

Ques. Can I refund a session after booking it?

Ans: You can generate 'Cancel Request' after booking the session and thereafter processed by the Admin, only if there is a valid reasoning behind it.

Ques. Due to internet problem I could not attend my session. Can I still attend the session at any other time?

Ans: A session is a live class & can be attended in real time only.

Ques. The session attended was not useful, how can I refund it?

Ans: You can request refund for session from Refund tab listed under Help & Support tab.

Ques. How can I know about interesting courses & sessions on the platform?

Ans: You can always search for them under the courses & sessions tab.

Ques. What are sessions?

Ans: Sessions are Pre-planned live audio/video classes & can be created by Mentors/Parents.

Ques. What is the duration of a session?

Ans: A session could be either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours with a minimum price involved.

Ques. How is a session created?

Ans: A session can be created from classroom by clicking on “add new” in created sessions tab. Similarly a session can also be created from a group for the members of that specific group.

Ques. What is minimum price for a session ?

Ans: You can create a session for as low as Rs 159 for a duration of 30 minutes.

Ques. Is there any pre-requisite before uploading a course or creating a live session?

Ans: You need to fill in your Bank details & upload your identity details for verification of the same. These details will be confidential & are required for remittance to the mentor/parent.

Ques. How can I create a course on Inkclick?

Ans: As a teacher you could record a high quality audio/video course of your expertise and upload it in the classroom section under the create course tab. The course would then be vetted and thereafter published by the admin.

Ques. Who decides the price of the course?

Ans: As a mentor you are the owner of your content and can decide the price of your course.

Ques. Can I choose a price tier apart from the given one?

Ans: You can choose the price from the pre-defined price tier only.

Ques. Can I create a course in any other Language?

Ans: Yes, you can create a course in any language you wish to.

Ques. How many modules can be created in a course & how does the pricing work?

Ans: You can create as many modules as you want for a course & price them individually. The full course fee maybe less or equal of the cumulative of individual modules.

Ques. What is the maximum duration of a course that I can create?

Ans: The duration of a course can be anything from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.

Ques. How do I publicize my course to new users?

Ans: You can always create a post with a preview/trailer of your course & post it for everyone on inkclick platform.

Ques. How can I give an outlook or index of my course to attract the user to buy it?

Ans: While creating a course you can upload a trailer/preview video of the course. Also mention the contents & methodology of teaching.

Ques. Can I Edit/deactivate/ delete my course once it is published?

Ans: You can upload new images/videos & only certain fields can be edited like price & description. The edited course will again be republished by the admin.

Ques. If I deactivate a course at any given time, can it still be viewed by the users who have purchased it?

Ans: Yes, once the course is sold it is available to the user all the time.

Ques. How will I know who has bought my course?

Ans: You will be notified for any purchase that takes place, you can also go to the transactions tab from the side menu and view your sales for any given month or duration. Additionally, Team Inkclick will provide you with an E-invoice of every successful transaction.

Ques. As a student can I create a session or a course?

Ans: No, Only a Parent or Teacher above the age of 18 can create & sell their content.

Ques. How will I get paid for my courses/sessions purchased?

Ans: Inkclick will provide you with invoice of every transaction that takes place. Also every 15 days you will get paid for the same.

Ques. What is a Library?

Ans: It is your digital Library where you have your wishlist, purchased, archived & downloaded courses & sessions.

Ques. What is a wishlist?

Ans: You can always add any course or session of your choice for future purchase.

Ques. What is the functionality of courses & sessions tab?

Ans: Under these tabs you can view all the courses & sessions you have purchased.

Ques. Can I view the courses on a offline mode?

Ans: Yes you can download the course and view it on the platform at any given time.

Ques. What are archived courses?

Ans: The purchased courses can be saved in the library section.

Ques. What is the time duration to view a course before it expires?

Ans: Once you have purchased a course, it will always be in your Library till the time you are registered on inkclick.