Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy, along with the General Terms and Conditions of Use, govern the use of Inkclick’s platform, to ensure that the information collected from you is used judiciously and strictly for relevant purposes only.

By agreeing to and acknowledging this Privacy Policy, you hereby confirm, accept and consent to be bound by the terms, principals and processes mentioned herein.



1.1. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets out the privacy mechanism for all users (“You”, “User”) of the Inkclick (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) educational platform (“Platform”).

1.2. This Policy must be read along with the General Terms and Conditions for registering as a User and for availing the services provided on the Platform (“Services”). Inkclick uses this Policy to govern the use of the personal information you provide to us and the data we collect from you. We use such information solely to provide you with the Services and to improve the functionality of the Platform to optimise User experience.

1.3. By using the Platform or submitting any information to the Platform, including the website and/or the app, you hereby consent to be governed by and comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy.

1.4. Any User who does not consent to these terms is required to cease usage of the Platform immediately. Continued usage of the Platform will be deemed to be consent by the User to this Policy.

1.5. The Platform may carry links to external resources, such as our advertisers, social media affiliates, and partner networks. You acknowledge that Inkclick bears no responsibility for the privacy policy of any external resources and disclaims all liability arising out of any loss that may be incurred by a User opting to visit or utilise such external resources.



2.1. As part of the Services offered by the Platform, we may collect any or of all of the following information from you:

a. Name;

b. Date of birth;

c. Residential address;

d. Phone Number;

e. Email address;

f. Educational information including name of the school, grade of education, stream of study, academic or extra-curricular achievements;

g. Location of access; and

h. Profile Photo

2.2. Inkclick may also collect and store any other personal or sensitive personal information or data, including phonebook conatcts provided by you in the course of availing the Services, including correspondence with the Platform.

2.3. Inkclick may collect the above information from you in the following situations and use-case scenarios:

a. When you visit the Platform and sign-up to register as a User for the first time, we may collect personal information from you including your name, contact information, address, educational information, phone number and IP address;

b. When you use the community and social interaction features of the Platforms including the Scrapbook or camera service, we may collect personal information from you including any content generated by you, your profile picture and the communications exchanged by you with other Users on the platform.

2.4. We may also collect non-personally identifiable information pertaining to the devices and networks used to access our Platform, including but not limited to:

a. IP address;

b. log-in information;

c. browser information;

d. time zone;

e. screen size;

f. duration of use;

g. operating system versions;

h. advertising identifiers; and

i. any other such information collected by us through modes that may include cookies.

2.5. Inkclick will also retain, for as long as may be required for its purposes or as mandated by any applicable laws, any of the content hosted on the Platform, including but not limited to photos, videos, music, literature, written works, comments and records of user interaction. Such information may be retained by us for a duration of 30days even after it has been deleted by the User.

2.6. If you access the platform through any of the provided third-party authentication modes, such as through social media platforms including Facebook and Google, we may automatically access personal information made available to us through such platforms, including name, surname, email address, your contacts and other social media information, without prior intimation.

2.7. You acknowledge that some of your information will be accessible to the public and/or used by us for advertising purposes in line with the General Terms and Conditions of Use. We will not publish your name or personal information outside of the Platform without your express consent, unless required under applicable laws.

2.8. Due to the ongoing and recurring nature of the Services, the information collected by us as set out in this section, may be stored by the Platform for an indefinite period of time.

2.9. Inkclick will not be responsible for the authenticity of the information provided by the Users.



3.1. Users may access, withdraw, rectify or request erasure of the information provided to the Platform at any time, by sending a request in writing to the Platform through the

3.2. Inkclick will endeavour to ensure that your personal information is accurate to the extent it can control such accuracy and will endeavour to rectify or erase such data upon any inaccuracies being brought to its notice. However, such rectification or erasure is subject to applicable laws and older versions of the revised data may still exist in residual form such as in logs and other records.

3.3. You acknowledge that Inkclick reserves its rights to terminate your access to the Platform permanently upon withdrawal of consent to collect, process and store your data, or upon exercise of any of the data user rights set out in this section.

3.4. You may opt-out of communications such as notifications, updates, calls, texts and promotional material by emailing us at or clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of any email material sent to you. In-app or website notifications can be toggled through the user settings available to Users on the Platform.



4.1. You acknowledge that Inkclick may collect, store, process, analyse, review and monitor your personal data or information and non-identifiable data to:

a. provide you with the Services;

b. send you information and communication related to the Services;

c. enable the User profile feature of the Platform;

d. display promotional content and advertisements;

e. respond to your service requests;

f. perform analyses of user behaviours, trends and patterns in an aggregate manner;

g. comply with applicable local and international laws and regulations;

h. administer the Platform and monitor user metrics, carry out analytics and troubleshoot; and

i. monitor the content on the Platform and interactions between Users to ensure safety and optimum user experience.

4.2. By consenting to this Policy, you also confirm that the personal information collected from you has been provided to Inkclick with free and informed consent and you understand that such information, including User Content and Mentor Content may be collected, stored, processed and/or transferred to third parties, including but not limited to Inkclick or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents, but also to relevant third parties, that we work with, including our advertisers, social media partners, tutors, search engines and law enforcement authorities, as may be required, and to comply with the applicable laws and protect its business interests. Such third parties may operate within or outside of India.

4.3. Inkclick will use part of all of User information available with it to send you information about the Services, as well as that of our partners, affiliates and third-parties. You will have the right to stop receiving such promotional material by clicking on the relevant option provided at the bottom of the emails.

4.4. If Inkclick sells any part of, or all of its business and/or assets as part of a commercial transaction, then we may share User data with our prospective buyers. If Inkclick is acquired by a third party, all user information collected in line with this Policy will form part of the transferred assets.

4.5. Data collected by Inkclick may be stored and processed in India or in any other region or country where Inkclick provides its services or has third party affiliates, including processors and advertisers, to the extent permissible under the applicable law.

4.6. By using the Services, you acknowledge that your personal data or information may not be stored in India at all times and may be transferred, stored and processed by Inkclick affiliates, including third parties situated outside India for any of the purposes set out in this policy.



5.1. As part of the Services offered on its Platform, Inkclick may also provide an internal social-networking forum for Users of the Platform. Any information, including personal information you submit while using the platform will be purely voluntary.

5.2. Such information may be read, copied, analysed, reviewed and interacted with by other Users on the Platform and Inkclick bears no liability whatsoever for actions arising out of such information or in connection with the information posted by or generated by the Users.

5.3. Use of the Social Network is not mandatory to access any of the content or Services offered on the Platform and is a completely voluntary feature made available to Users.

5.4. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any content you provide in connection with the Platform and the Services. Inkclick cannot control the communications, responses and interactions between you and other users of the Platform other than in line with the General Terms and Conditions of Use.



6.1. The Platform includes and implements certain social media features aimed at sharing content with external social media platforms, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Linkedin.

6.2. When you choose to utilise such functions, you will additionally be subject to the privacy policy of the respective social media platform, along with this Policy.

6.3. You also acknowledge that use of such functions may result in setting of a cookie by the relevant social media platform which may collect your IP address, web browsing usage and other such information as may be governed by their respective privacy policies.



7.1. Inkclick uses cookies to store User preferences and to record information pertaining to sessions, for various purposes, including to ensure optimum advertising experience and to customise content displayed based on browser/device information and profile information.

7.2. Additionally, Inkclick or its affiliates may also utilise beacons, scripts, tags and other similar technologies to make it easier for Users to use the Platform, remember and store passwords, gather aggregated data usage patterns and other such information as may be required to improve the functionality of the Platform.

7.3. Inkclick does not link the information stored through cookies or other tracking mechanisms to any personally identifiable information submitted by Users on the Platform.

7.4. You may configure your browser or device settings to accept or reject some or all cookies, however, doing so may impediment the function of some features of the Platform.

7.5. Inkclick allows third-party advertisers to set and access cookies on your device and such use of cookies is subject to the privacy policy of the third-party advertisers.

7.6. This Privacy Policy only covers the use of cookies by Inkclick on the Platform and does not cover the use of cookies by any other party, including advertisers.



8.1. The Platform may display advertisements which may be delivered to you by Inkclick or any of our online advertisement platform partners. Such partners may set cookies which allow their ad servers to recognise your access device each time you are displayed an advertisement. Ad servers may use these cookies to compile information on your usage patterns and serve targeted advertisements to you for a more relevant advertising experience.

8.2. If you click on any ads or links contained within such ads, you will be re-directed to an external website that is not owned by or affiliated to Inkclick or the Platform in any manner whatsoever. When you do so, it is your responsibility to inspect the privacy policy of the relevant external site and ensure that it is adequate to meet your privacy and safety requirements.

8.3. Under no circumstances will Inkclick be responsible or liable for the privacy standards of such external websites.



9.1. Inkclick utilises reasonable security measures as per applicable law to ensure that personal data or information collected from its Users are kept secure and used only in the manner set out in this Policy.

9.2. Inkclick acknowledges that data security cannot be virtually fool-proof in all circumstances and that despite its best efforts, there may be data breach events beyond its control which will be addressed to the best extent possible. However, Inkclick bears no responsibility or liability for any such data breach beyond its control.

9.3. All Users are encouraged to set a complex password for their accounts and reset their passwords frequently.



10.1. Except as set out under the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, Inkclick will not disclose or share personal information of Users with any third parties unless such disclosure or sharing is necessary for the following purposes:

a. to comply with legal requirements, directives, warrants, court orders or any other legal process received by or applicable to Inkclick and/or Users of the Platform;

b. to protect the general safety and functioning of the Platform and its Users; and

c. to protect the rights and commercial interests of the Platform in providing its services.

10.2. Inkclick will not share your personal data or information with third parties unless required to enable provisioning of the Services or to optimise the functioning of the Platform for your benefit.

10.3. Inkclick reserves all rights to transfer all User information to any entity that may acquire the rights to such information as a result of a transaction including a sale, transfer, merger, acquisition, amalgamation or similar change in ownership or internal structure.



11.1. This version of the Policy is effective dated 07 April 2020.

11.2. Inkclick may amend, update, revise or modify this Policy at any time, without advance notice to users. The User is expected to visit this section periodically to be updated on the prevalent terms of the Policy.

11.3. You may withdraw your consent to the Privacy Policy at any time and immediately cease usage of the Platform. Continued usage of the Platform will be deemed to be consent to any modified terms.



12.1. You may contact the helpdesk of Inkclick at with details of your inquiry or complaint.